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AARCH32, Paragraph
AARCH64, Paragraph
activation record, Paragraph
active-low, Paragraph
full, Item
half, Item
address, memory
symbolic name for, Paragraph
pc-relative, Paragraph
addressing mode, Paragraph
immediate, Item
offset, Item
post-indexed, Item
pre-indexed, Item
register, Item
scaled register, Item
adjacency property, Paragraph
Alternating Current, Paragraph
ALU, Item
AND, Item
antifuse, Paragraph
Application Program Status Register, Item
APSR, Item
argument, Item
argument passing
by pointer, Item
return, Item
update, Paragraph
argument passinge
by reference, Paragraph
by value, Item
Arithmetic Logic Unit, Item
ARM architecture, Paragraph
array, Paragraph
ASCII, Paragraph
assembler, Item Paragraph
first pass, Algorithm Algorithm
second pass, Algorithm Algorithm
assembler directive, Item
.ascii, Paragraph
.asciz, Paragraph
.equ, Paragraph
.global, Paragraph
.rodata, Paragraph
.section, Paragraph
.text, Paragraph
.word, Paragraph
Assembly language
efficiency, Item
required, Item
assembly language mnemonic, Item
assignment operator, Paragraph
asynchronous D flip-flop, Paragraph
base, Paragraph
Binary Coded Decimal, Subsection
bitwise logical operators, Paragraph
Boolean Algebra, Section
Boolean algebra, Paragraph Section
precedence, Paragraph
Boolean algebra properties
annulment, Item
associative, Item
commutative, Item
complement, Item
DeMorgan's Law, Item
distributive, Item
idempotent, Item
identity, Item
involution, Item
Boolean expressions
Canonical Product, Item
canonical sum, Item
Product of Maxterms, Item
Product of Sums, Item
product term, Item
sum of minterms, Item
Sum of Products, Item
sum term, Item
borrow, Paragraph
branch point, Paragraph
Bus, Item
bus, Paragraph
address, Paragraph
asynchronous, Item
control, Paragraph
data, Paragraph
synchronous, Item
timing, Section
Bus Interface, Item
C function, Paragraph
C Runtime Environment, Paragraph
C Standard Library, Paragraph
C-style string, Paragraph
callable unit, Paragraph
carry condition flag, Paragraph Paragraph Item
Central Processing Unit, Item Paragraph
combinational, Paragraph
clock generator, Paragraph
clock pulses, Paragraph
COBOL, Paragraph
comment, Item
comment field, Item
compiler, Item
complement, Item
Condition Flags, Item
constant data, Paragraph
control characters, Paragraph
Control Unit, Item
coprocessor, Paragraph
Current Program Status Register, Paragraph Item
D latch, Paragraph
storing in memory, Paragraph
data type, Paragraph
data types, Paragraph
debugger, Paragraph
decoder, Item
don't care, Paragraph
Dynamic Random Access Memory, Subsection
editor, Item
electronics, Section
amp, Item
ampere, Item
battery, Subsection
capacitance, Item
capacitor, Paragraph
coulomb, Item
direct current, Paragraph
impedance, Paragraph
inductance, Item
inductor, Paragraph
ohms, Paragraph
parallel, Paragraph
passive elements, Subsection
power supply, Subsection Paragraph
resistance, Item
resistor, Paragraph
series, Paragraph
time constant, Paragraph
transient, Paragraph
voltage level, Paragraph
volts, Item
watt, Item
ELF, Paragraph
section, Paragraph
segment, Paragraph
little, Paragraph
big, Item
little, Item
exception, Paragraph
vector table, Paragraph
exception level, Paragraph
Executable and Linking Format, Paragraph
executable file, Item
exponent, Item
finite state machine, Paragraph
Fixed Point, Item
fixed point, Paragraph
Floating Point, Item
floating point, Paragraph
errors, Paragraph
limitation, Paragraph
normalize, Paragraph
range, Paragraph
fractional values, Paragraph
frame pointer, Paragraph
FSM, Paragraph
function, Paragraph
called, Item Item Item
calling, Item
function declaration, Paragraph
function definition, Paragraph
AND, Item
NAND, Item
NOR, Item
NOT, Item
OR, Item
universal, Paragraph
gdb, Paragraph
commands, Paragraph Paragraph
GPIO, Paragraph
Gray Code, Subsection
Harvard architecture, Paragraph
header file, Paragraph Paragraph
heap, Paragraph
human convenience, Paragraph
I/O, Item
controller, Paragraph
device driver, Paragraph
devices, Paragraph
header, Paragraph
interface, Paragraph
interfacing, Section
isolated, Item
memory-mapped, Item
port-mapped, Item
programming, Paragraph
timing, Section
IDE, Paragraph
identifier, Item Paragraph
IEEE 754, Paragraph
exponent bias, Paragraph
hidden bit, Paragraph
size, Paragraph
if-else, Paragraph
Input/Output, Item
instruction execution cycle, Paragraph
instruction fetch, Paragraph
Instruction Register, Item
instruction register, Paragraph
instruction set architecture, Paragraph
ADD, Item
AND, Item
ASR, Item
B, Item
BIC, Item
BL, Item
BX, Item
CMP, Item
EOR, Item
LDR, Item
LDRB, Item
LSL, Item
LSR, Item
MLS, Item
MOV, Item
MUL, Item
MVN, Item
ORR, Item
POP, Item
ROR, Item
RRX, Item
SDIV, Item
STR, Item
STRB, Item
SUB, Item
SVC, Item
TST, Item
UDIV, Item
VADD, Item
VCVT, Item
VLDR, Item
VMOV, Item
VSTR, Item
signed decimal, Paragraph
unsigned, Paragraph
Integrated Development Environment, Paragraph
interrupt, Section
fast, Paragraph
Interrupt Request, Paragraph
invert, Item
IRQ, Paragraph
ISA, Paragraph
K-map, Paragraph
Karnaugh map, Paragraph
L1 Cache Memory, Item
label field, Item
least significant digit, Paragraph
library, I/O, Paragraph
line-oriented, Paragraph
linker, Item
listing file, Paragraph
literal, Item
Load/Store, Paragraph
local labels, Paragraph
sequential, Paragraph
logic circuit
combinational, Paragraph
sequential, Paragraph
logic gate, Paragraph
logical instructions, Paragraph
Loop Control Variable, Paragraph
mantissa, Item
masking, Paragraph
master/slave, Paragraph
Mealy machine, Paragraph
Memory, Item
address, Paragraph
cache, Item
leak, Paragraph
location, Paragraph
timing, Paragraph
memory segment, Paragraph
code, Item
stack, Item Paragraph
minimal product of sums, Item
minimal Sum of Products, Item
mnemonic, Item
Moore machine, Paragraph
most significant digit, Paragraph
multiplexer, Subsection
name mangling, Paragraph
NAND, Item
negating, Paragraph
negative, Paragraph
NOR, Item
NOT, Item
object, Paragraph
object file, Item Paragraph
operand field, Item
operation field, Item
OR, Item
overflow condition flag, Paragraph Paragraph Item
page, Paragraph
PAL, Paragraph
parameter, Item
parity, Paragraph
even, Paragraph
odd, Paragraph
by reference, Item
by value, Item
pc-Relative addressing, Paragraph
pc-relative addressing, Paragraph
penultimate carry, Paragraph Paragraph
pipeline, Paragraph
PLD, Paragraph
pointer variable, Paragraph
positional notation, Paragraph
procedural programming, Paragraph
procedure, Paragraph
program, Paragraph
Program Counter, Item
Programmable Array Logic, Paragraph
Programmable Logic Device, Paragraph
pseudo op, Item
radix, Paragraph
RAM, Item
Random Access Memory, Item
read, Paragraph
Read Only Memory, Item Paragraph
real number, Paragraph
record, Paragraph
Register, Item
register, Paragraph Paragraph
CPSR, Paragraph
register file, Item
Registers, Paragraph
registers, Subsection
banked, Paragraph
CPSR, Paragraph
SPSR, Paragraph
round off, Paragraph
routine, Paragraph
Saved Program Status Register, Item
text, Paragraph
shift registers, Subsection
short circuit evaluation, Paragraph
sign bit, Item
significand, Item
SoC, Paragraph
source file, Item
SPSR, Item
SR latch
Reset, Paragraph
Set, Paragraph
ascending, Item
descending, Item
discipline, Paragraph
empty, Item
full, Item
operations, Paragraph
overflow, Paragraph
pointer, Paragraph
underflow, Paragraph
stack frame, Paragraph
state, Paragraph
state diagram, Paragraph
state table, Paragraph
Static Random Access Memory, Subsection
struct, Paragraph
field, Paragraph
tag name, Paragraph
subprogram, Paragraph
subroutine, Paragraph
subsystems, Paragraph Section
subtraction, Paragraph
switch, Paragraph
symbol table, Item
system call, Paragraph Paragraph
read, Paragraph
system on chip, Paragraph
this pointer, Paragraph
time constant, Paragraph
toggle, Paragraph
Tri-State Buffer, Item
truth table, Paragraph Paragraph
two's complement, Paragraph Paragraph
algorithm, Algorithm
defined, Paragraph
UAL, Paragraph
unistd.h, Item
Universal Assembler Language, Paragraph
von Neumann bottleneck, Paragraph
while statement, Paragraph
XOR, Item